Safety tips to consider when planning your trip in and out of season during your year.
Added: 2017-01-30 10:15

Renting a vehicle in South Africa if you are from abroad.
Added: 2016-11-16 12:33

Happy new Year to all our customers. Great news regarding no increase on prices.
Added: 2016-01-11 12:38

Diagnostic Testing on vehicles - 2016-09-19

Exciting news we now do diagnostic testing on vehicles at Rent a Cheapy Car Hire. Did you service your vehicle and now you have a service light that does not want to clear? Not a problem, just make a appointment with us bring in your vehicle and we will do a diagnostic test to clear the fault. No idea what the meaning of a light is on your das... more

Cash Car Rental - 2016-09-06

Good day We at Rent a Cheapy car hire are receiving a lot of phone calls and emails of people wanting to know if they can rent vehicle if they do not have a credit card. Well good news yes you can!! At RAC Car hire we do not except any credit cards, our payment options are Cash or EFT only. And the way you pay us is the way you will get refun... more

Testimonial's - 2014-05-27

This year we are proud that our company  Rent a Cheapy Car Hire have reached the 18 Year mark. It has been an exciting, interesting, and educational few years, we made a lot of new friends. Thank you all for remembering  Rent a Cheapy Car Rental when you were in need of a vehicle. Thank you for all the reversal’s of clients. I am... more

Holidays around the corner - 2012-10-22

  It is that time of the year again. Time for fun, sun and quality time with your family. To travel from home to holiday destinations you need a vehicle. Maybe your vehicle needs to go in for repairs? Family members coming to visit and your vehicle will not be big enough to accommodate everybody? Do your bookings at Rent a Cheapy Car Hire now... more