Holidays around the corner


It is that time of the year again. Time for fun, sun and quality time with your family. To travel from home to holiday destinations you need a vehicle. Maybe your vehicle needs to go in for repairs? Family members coming to visit and your vehicle will not be big enough to accommodate everybody? Do your bookings at Rent a Cheapy Car Hire now for all your car rental needs.

Please remember to make sure your vehicle is in a reliable condition for your planned holiday. Remember to check your oil and water, tyre pressure’s regularly and make sure your vehicle is well serviced.

Quite a few people contacted us to ask why someone would rent a vehicle. Well there is a few reasons to rent a vehicle at Rent A Cheapy Car hire I will proceed to name a few.

*A few people wants to go on holiday but there vehicle is not reliable enough to make the trip to there       holiday destination.

*Unfortunately due to the high divorce rate one of the people going thru this difficult time needs a vehicle until the divorce is settled.

*Single woman who needs a reliable vehicle to hire so that they are assured that their safety is our priority and in the unlikely event of a breakdown we will assist them as soon as possible to make sure that they stay safe.

*When your vehicle needs to go in for repairs and you need a vehicle for your daily duties. Rent a Cheapy car hire will be there to assist.

* When you get family from abroad to visit and you just don’t have enough transport for everyone.

This is to mention only a few. So there is always a need for a rental vehicle. And our job is to insure that it is a pleasant experience for you at Rent a Cheapy Car Hire where you can hire a vehicle that is reliable and cost effective.

Rent A Cheapy Car Hire motto – A Good Car at a Better price.