Cash Car Rental

Good day

We at Rent a Cheapy car hire are receiving a lot of phone calls and emails of people wanting to know if they can rent vehicle if they do not have a credit card.

Well good news yes you can!! At RAC Car hire we do not except any credit cards, our payment options are Cash or EFT only. And the way you pay us is the way you will get refunded. So if you pay us cash you will receive cash back on the day the vehicle is returned. If paid EFT the refund will also be EFT.

Another question that pops up every now and then is how long will the deposit take to be refunded well in the case that there are no damages on the vehicle when it is being returned after your rental period you will be refunded within an few minutes after inspection on the vehicle has been done.

Do we only use old cars? No we don’t. We do have newer vehicles that are a bit more expensive than the cheapies but we do not do executive rage vehicles at all that is not our market.

We do long term rentals we even have clients that has been renting for five years and more, we do short term rentals that consist of more than 3 days. Your longer term rentals does work out cheaper on the long run.

Why rent a vehicle long term. Well unfortunately due to the economic situation in South Africa a lot of customers do not have a credit record to just get finance, another reason is you save on maintenance you have your flat rental price monthly with no added cost of servicing, tyres, insurance or maintenance. That is for our account. This is a great option if you need to get back on your feet.  Especially single ladies prefer this since there is nobody that can check the vehicle if they do hear a funny sound or flat battery.  Now we are only a phone call away to relieve the pressure and panic.


Email us today for your detailed quotation that will fit your car rental needs. Email or phone our office at 012 661 9794 or my cell 082 412 9296.